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Live citizen video journalism at the RNC

I have been captivated by the live video coverage of today’s RNC protests by The Uptake. It has been emotional, scary, tense, funny and informative throughout the day (and still continues as of this writing).

TV news better be frightened, because now regular people can do everything they can (except, of course, for the giant paychecks).

The Uptake has two reporters with the ability for live feeds (though the technology limits them to doing bursts of video instead of a consistent stream, it seems). They have one video window embedded in their main page that is powered through Qik. When one person stops transmitting, it will switch to the other stream, if it is going. So you can just sit and wait for video to start. It’s pretty nice. I am sure with a little more organization, this will truly be the new way to cover live events.

Let’s just say that capitalist media is not really doing this yet. Compare the coverage by the Star Tribune with the coverage at The Uptake and you’ll see what I mean.

In other news, the cops keep spraying big media photojournalists. In Denver it was New York Times photographer Christian Hansen, and in the Twin Cities it is an AP photographer. Here it is, first-person:

courtesy of the AP

courtesy of the AP

Seems like a bad tactic to me, but it hasn’t really backfired quite yet. Come on, big media, get mad. That pepper spray hurts


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Cops have violently occupied Denver

courtesy of the Denver Post

courtesy of the Denver Post

Our country truly is a police state. Anyone who says we are free is a liar.

I just moved to Denver three days ago, and knew it would be exciting with the DNC in town and all. But after watching the actions of the $50 million police force against unarmed American dissenters, I am thoroughly convinced that we are not free. Just look at the photo above. And this is from the Denver Post, who have not exactly been supportive of the protesters. But there is no way to hide the fact that these cops are violently subduing dissenting opinions with massive, overwhelming “Shock and Awe” force against American citizens who do not agree with the government and demand change.

And all this force is needed to secure the power of the “good” party. This is our supposedly anti-war party. This is our “hope”. Jesus.

I watched a protester run out of the conflict with the cops screaming and crying, drop to her knees, grasp her face, medics running to help her. If you wear contacts when you get pepper sprayed, the contacts can fuse to your eyes and blind you. Volunteer anarchist medics are the only reason there were not permanent injuries during the clash. The cops brought absolutely no medical help with them. Medical help is not their concern, only violence against the dissenters.

If you choose to ignore what is going on here, then fuck you. People are getting the shit beat out of them fighting for your freedom. Either come to Denver and join the ranks, or do what you can to support them at home.

The amount of money ($100 million, $50 million for each convention) required to maintain a large enough police force to subdue dissenters in this nation is rising quickly. Our “two” party capitalist fascist government is showing a slight sign of weakness. Too bad our capitalist press does not give favorable coverage to anticapitalists getting the shit beat out of them. I wonder if that’s because they make their money off the corrupt system the police are defending…

Denver is under attack. We need back up, however you can give it.


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