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Earth 2100 – Believable until the end

Earth 2100 is a depressing and dark vision of the future of human civilization as we know it. Everyone should definitely watch it. I was particularly impressed by the fictional story’s means of addressing capitalist “green” technologies. We see a USA that has engaged in many large-scale sustainable energy concepts. They are magnificent and truly works of wonder.

However, I was pleased that, in the end, they acknowledged that this will really do very little to stop the impending doom of civilization. They (rightly) knew that human kind (in this case, mainly just Americans are addressed) just will not be receptive to changing their current ways of life. Instead, they wait for technology to come along and save them. They address Bush 1’s quote “The American way of life is not negotiable” to explain why we would drive the earth off a cliff.

Then, at the very end, they give like 10 minutes of some bull about buying electric cars and how that is going to save us all. It felt like this was forced onto the end by NBC execs who didn’t want to scare people too much. When Bob Woodruff was on the Daily Show talking about the show, he seemed to steer clear of offering too much hope. I don’t think he believes any of the stuff they said in the last 10 minutes, and the hour and a half before that supports my theory.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There is no capitalist solution to our global problems. Capitalist media might be afraid to show us that, though. I am glad this show aired on network TV. Skip the ending, and it really is the most radical thing I’ve seen on a network, maybe ever.

(full disclosure: I downloaded it and watched it at my leisure without commercials. I will not be sad to see ABC go under…)



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