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Booty Booty Booty Booty! Rock-Afire Explosion

I read an article in the Chicago Tribune in September that really got me interested in the animatronic band from Showbiz Pizza, The Rock-A-Fire Explosion. Apparently there is an underground trade of sorts of the different pieces of the band, and collectors will put up some fairly big bucks to get their collections closer to completion.

Even cooler than that, though, is that people are still programming shows for the washed-up band, the best by far being “Ms. New Booty” by Bubba Sparxxx.

However, Aaron Fechter, one of the original creators of the Rock-Afire Explosion (and voice of several of them) wants all videos of the characters run by him before being uploaded to video sharing sites. The Youtube video of Ms. New Booty has been made private. Fechter apparently wants to make sure the “family friendly” image of the band is maintained …

This video has gotten all around the Internet and has restarted interest in the RAE (as they call it in the Showbiz Pizza forums). Anyone who would care about these machines is older than 18 by now. Does Mr. Fechter really think kids now-a-days would seek out Rock-Afire Explosion videos?

Anyway, I say we need to free the Explosion. Make it all public. It can become a medium in it’s own (it already is).



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