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Defend Wikileaks

I feel the need to use my blog to “Google vote” to defend Wikileaks, an anonymous whistle-blower site set up as a way for corporate and government people to reveal secrets they feel the public should know.

The site’s .org address was shut down by a California court order in an incredibly offensive breech of free speech rights. There are tons of mirror sites hosting the saved data, but that is not a permanent solution.

The site has garnered a lot of criticism, sure. It even received wary words from Bill Thompson, tech columnist for the BBC, who I enjoy reading. But I think Bill was suggesting that you might not want to support the site and would never have suggested censorship or that the site should not be allowed to exist.

We are losing battle after battle in the war to keep the Internet free, and this is a gross offense. But how do we take these rights back? I doubt that me writing a blog post so that one more web page hit will pop up on Google is really going to cut it…



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