About Tom Fucoloro

Born and raised in St. Louis, I now live in Seattle.

I was a features writer for the Kansas City Star. Before that, I was the editor-in-chief of The Knox Student, the weekly newspaper of Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. I also founded The Wiki Fire, the free encyclopedia of Knox College in the spring of 2007. I also do sound design for theater shows.

In St. Louis, I am the co-founder of Big Muddy Records, LLC.

But on the Internet, I reside in the following places

Contact: tfucoloro(at)gmail(dot)com


One response to “About Tom Fucoloro

  1. Ciao Tom,

    Got a msg abt u via twittr. how to proceed to get twittr to nclude cynthia/3rd prty canddts?

    Have u ever thought of putting the other “o” back in ur name? (fuocoloro)

    My family was enslaved in Mizzu. I could use some research help or at least get the word out abt millions of americans with the same compelling family ties to MO.

    A presto MDU

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