Denver cops sell t-shirt bragging about their police brutality during DNC

I wish I were making this up. But see for yourself.

Photos courtesy of the Colorado Independent.

This t-shirt comes as the district attorney declined Tuesday to prosecute this brutal cop who slammed a Code Pink protester with his over-sized riot stick while yelling, “Back it up, bitch!” during the DNC.

This of course raises the question: What exactly is grounds for prosecution then? I guess he could have shot her. Is that what it would take?

Will these cops be punished for killing a man with a taser just today in New York?

I bet they won’t. That man died. I know I am not the only one who thinks using a paralyzing “non-lethal” weapon while someone is on a 10-foot high ledge will obviously result in that person falling the 10 feet to the concrete. But he’s a naked crazy man, so who cares, right?

There is no accountability in any of this. Law suit will not help. The government gave them $50 million! Obviously the lost funds will not hurt them. Our only other recourse is to punish the individual officers (though, of course, the cops are just players in a violent, brutal system. Zimbardo’s prison experiment and such).

“That line between good and evil, which privileged people like to think is fixed and impermeable, with them on the good side and others on the bad side, I knew that line was movable and was permeable.” – Phillip Zimbardo,

But we are denied even that inadequate form of recourse now.

All you “peaceful” liberals need to wake up. What are we supposed to do when faced with such violence and control? What are we to do when the soldiers hired by the American government (both halves of the capitalist party) to suppress the American people are so proud of their violent repression that they make a t-shirt about it to rub it in our faces.

Don’t judge the kid with the black bandanna for smashing some windows. Maybe that didn’t fix the problem, but what else are you going to do when the powerful remove all means of recourse for their abuse? It should not be surprising when people want to smash your windows (notice the protesters targeted Macy’s, not Mom & Pop’s Neighborhood Shop).

If you still don’t believe me, listen to my boy Elliot Hughes just last night. It takes all of his strength to tell about the torture he received at the hands of the Ramsey County cops while in prison during the RNC.

Really fucking funny, huh?



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3 responses to “Denver cops sell t-shirt bragging about their police brutality during DNC

  1. Arc

    It’s only now (after more than a year) that I am reading the story of Elliot Hughes & the violent activities of some police officers in St. Paul.

    However, it’s like jumping into the middle of the novel. Would appreciate it if someone can tell the story from the beginning. For example: why was there a need for the citizens (which included E. Hughes) to protest on the streets?

  2. Well, Elliot Hughes was beaten during the RNC, which was actually only 6 months ago. And if you’re asking why citizens needed to protest the Republican Party, well, take your pick. Everyone who protests has their own reasons, for sure. But I think it is safe to say that many, many people have reason to protest the Republicans (two wars, which have resulted in well over one million deaths, stomping on rights like habeas corpus, etc. etc…)

    And if you didn’t have reason to protest before reading (and hearing) about Elliot and the Denver cops, then you have one now!

  3. jake

    Awesome post. I’m friends with Elliot, and every time I hear his story I get more angry.

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