Elliot Hughes tortured in jail during RNC

I don’t even know what to say about this. I am seriously shaken up by Elliot Hughes’s account of what happened to him in a Ramsey county jail after being arrested during an RNC protest. Just, listen: (video courtesy of The Uptake)

That is way worse than even I thought was going on, and I thought they were doing some fucked up stuff. But torture like this is insane and unbelievable.

I can’t help make the link to the John McCain video showed later at the Convention. It spends a lot of time talking about McCain’s torture experience during Vietnam. All this while an American prison tortures a 19-year-old after arresting him at a protest so that John McCain’s video about him being tortured could be shown without interruption by concerned Americans demanding freedom and democracy.

I don’t know what more to say about it. It really does not need explanation.

UPDATE: Help the abuse get attention by Digging the video.

Also, here is the video of his arrest. As you can see, the cops ran into him, knocking him off his bike, then arrested him for assaulting them…

UPDATE 2: Here is another video of people who experienced police brutality at the RNC along with Elliot.



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7 responses to “Elliot Hughes tortured in jail during RNC

  1. Truth And Justice

    An Atrocity! We live in a Fascist Nation. Mr. Hughes got ran into by a policeman, and then gets arrested by other policeman. He was chanting for food, then gets the S#it kicked out of him. I am glad that he is in as good of a shape that he is. Iknow that it ust be frustrating for the jailers, but it is not their job to beat the S#it out of anyone. And, for them to call Mr. Hughes, princess, really takes the cake. I originally was against Ramsey County, and St. Paul from getting sued, but not anymore. I hope that they are sued really hard to wake the Fascist up. I love our nation, and I love our citizens. I hate the injustice that the Police State inflicts.

  2. kaostrom

    Thanks Tom for helping keep us informed. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Cowboy

    Solidarity forever.

  5. Rob

    Just as Elliot is attacked, who are we to attack Jonh McCain.

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