Cop hits a biker and runs in Denver, among other violent, suppressive actions

A cop on a motorcycle, going the wrong way on a one-way street, ran his motorcycle into a couple bikers who were part of a critical mass bike ride through the city. After the collision, which was unquestionably his fault, the cop and his cop friend rode off quickly as angry bikers started yelling irately at him. He did not come back or report the incident.

As far we can tell, nobody got his badge number, a good photo or video of the incident.

This is why people hate cops, and why the world would be so much safer without them (or with incredibly few of them). None of the protests would have been violent if the cops were not there, and all the violence has flowed cop to protester.

I dare you to find any protester doing anything close that to a cop. It has not happened. They do it because they know there will be no retribution. There can’t be. They have the guns, and the batons, and the pepper spray, and the body armor, and the pepper guns, and the tasers. We have words, some clever signs and some bicycles.

Code Pink is bad ass, and their tactics are not intimidation tactics at all. Their stickers (which I have been sporting proudly) say “MAKE OUT NOT WAR”. And while I may be kind of put off that we no longer make love in war’s absence, making out is cool, too. They embarrass police by dressing in lots of pink, and riding innocent bicycles with pink parasols, making their guns and riot gear look ridiculous. And they do everything they can to make sure they are embarrassed for wearing it all. It would appear that this cop solved his embarrassment by clubbing one of them.

Now, he has been pulled off the lines and is under investigation, but that is only because it was caught on camera. That is the only reason whatsoever. This is happening all the time here. I see it everywhere I go. These cops are out of control. They are like a roving gang with free reign to beat up on whoever they want without retribution.

After the motorcycle cop hit the bikers and drove off, another biker yelled, “Someone call the cops!” That’s the point.

The cops also singled out a New York Times freelance photographer and sprayed him with a giant burst of pepper spray even though he was backed against a wall and was holding a camera (obviously not threatening).

courtesy of Rocky Mountain News

courtesy of Rocky Mountain News

courtesy of the Denver Post

courtesy of the Denver Post

I used to think cops were good people with hard jobs that make them a little cranky. That’s understandable. They deal with a lot of tough realities of our society, and that can wear on you. But after this week, I really don’t think they are good people. No good person could stand in that riot gear as this overwhelming violence and intimidation against American citizens takes place. A good person would step out of line and quit (or at least disobey orders and risk punishment).

Right now, this massive police force is just a mercenary army hired by the Democratic party to suppress dissension and keep their big party from getting crashed by concerned citizens. The fact that the Dems have not said anything about the outrageous actions of this police force (which, of course, they voted to fund with $50 million), proves that at best they don’t care, and at worst, they are happy with it.

We truly live in a police state. You are allowed to protest, so long as it is by their rules. And they set the rules. And if you do not obey their rules, they hurt you with overwhelming power. The only reason there have not been massive riots is because the police have intimidated us. They consider that a success. I consider that fascism.



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2 responses to “Cop hits a biker and runs in Denver, among other violent, suppressive actions

  1. Logan Luckey

    so i was in the middle of that critical mass when the cop hit that girl, it was entirely insane, an officer of the supposed law was driving the wrong way down a one way street attempting to hit anyone he could, hits a girl, then when confronted tries to take off, when a boy starts chasing after the first officer, a second officer comes through and tries to mow down the boy, who is on foot, and has done no crime. After hitting the boy with his motorcycle both police officers flee the scene of the crime.
    Does this feel wrong to anyone? If i had been speeding by, the wrong way on a one way street, hit a bicyclist, a pedestrian, and then fled the scene. I would be in prison!
    There was not even a mention of the critical mass in any publication, i myself read through all local and national newspapers in the following days yet there was no mention of the protest. The fucking stoners got more press attention than a legitimate group of people with a simple message, ride a bike, who needs to have a war over oil if we don’t constantly need oil, i mean sure bike tires, brake pads, and handle grips are made using it, but that compared to burning the shit out of it constantly is minor and can easily be produced by ourselves.
    The laws of supply and demand show that if more people ride bicycles, less people drive cars, if less people drive cars, less oil is used, less oil needed means an excess of supply , excess of supply means price reduction, BAM! ride a bike, lower price of gas.
    so before i get too off topic i’m going to end this, but i want anyone who reads this to ask themselves something, how much are you contributing to the downfall of the system? should you contribute more or less? we need balance, yet balance can only be achieved(same with biking) through motion, to keep safe we have to sometimes break the law, yet if the punishment is indiscriminate to the offender, and a group is found guilty based on the assumption that all are wrong and no single person can be different then we are slowly turning into a fascist police state, so now ask yourselves are we really free if no one person is innocent but an entire group can be considered guilty of committing no crime besides, going on a nice bike ride on a beautiful evening through downtown denver

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