Launched web site, had a hearing, graduated, working for the KC Star …

Well, it’s been a while since I updated on my life. I guess it’s been a pretty crazy couple months.

I graduated from Knox College in June, but not without a fight. I started some controversy over an editorial I wrote for The Knox Student and was taken in front of the Broadcast, Internet and Publications Board on bogus charges of irresponsible journalism (my second time in front of the board). It was pretty awesome, actually. I ended up not only winning the case, but the board charged the faculty executive committee with changing how faculty committees handle a free press at Knox (because right now there are no rules, which is bad for us). So I feel pretty good about that.

If you want, you can read all about it on TKS’s new fucking web site. This site is probably the reason I stopped writing on this blog (well, that and a Hemingway class I took where I read pretty much everything the guy ever published). It’s built on Django, which seems to be working out spectacularly. @mattbaker really worked his ass off on the site, and he now has a crack team of programmers going at the thing. A lot of interesting web journalism ideas floating around TKS these days. I mean, what school of 1,300 has a student press this active? I wish all those folk the best of luck next year (I probably made their jobs a lot harder in a lot of ways … oops).

Also, I got an internship at The Kansas City Star for the summer writing features. Their (our?) site has a pay wall still, but you can read what I’ve written until it all goes away. It has been a great experience, and there is nothing like getting paid to talk to interesting people and write about it. That is just the best job someone could hope for. And this is just so cool:

Also, my grandfather has died. Not only was he my grandfather, but he was my name sake. I wonder if the family can hold together without him. Maybe it’s already too late. Over half of us have moved away from St. Louis already.

My internship will be over at the end of August. Then my plan is to move to Denver. Because why not? For the first time ever, I don’t have anywhere to be.


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  1. The DNC is in Denver…come protest with me!

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