A Rock-afire Explosion movie, hell yes

Since December when I first wrote about the Rock-afire Explosion, that post has been host to quite a conversation from Rock-afire fans and programmers alike. The post, a quick response to the fact that a video had been taken off YouTube, unveiled an incredibly interesting debate over animatronic copyrghts.

But more importantly, it led me to meet some of the biggest minds behind the Rock-afire. I started working on a magazine piece (will keep updated about the piece), leading me to travel to Florida in May to visit Creative Engineering head Aaron Fechter at his headquarters in downtown Orlando. Visiting at the same time were magnificent, meticulous amateur Rock-afire programmer Chris Thrash and a team of young documentary filmmakers in the midst of a film about Thrash and the Rock-afire.

If you don’t know, Thrash was the programmer of the infamous Ms New Booty video that got me hooked on the Rock-afire. But his other videos are programmed even better (I particularly like Pop Lock and Drop It).

Usher’s Love in the Club has over half a million views, making it the most popular, from what I can tell. That’s pretty impressive.

Anyway, to update on the last post (well, in short): Aaron is now programming pop songs along with Thrash. You can even bid on what song they program next. The bidding is a brialliant move, as I was beginning to wonder how they were going to make some money on this (keeping these things running can be expensive).

The more I have learned about this band, the more interesting their history and the stories of the people responsible for them become.

I wish Brett and company the best of luck finishing the film. I cannot wait to watch it.


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