Can Knox protest like this?

Many student activists at Washington University in St. Louis, my hometown, protested a talk by Alberto Gonzales yesterday, charging him with being a war criminal. Excellent St. Louis blog, PubDef, covered the protest:

I wonder if little ol’ Knox College, far from a big city, can conjure up the energy to protest our upcoming visit by John Ashcroft with similar energy. I think we can, but I’m a pretty optimistic guy.



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3 responses to “Can Knox protest like this?

  1. revivingemma

    this is our playground

  2. Obscure

    Were I forced to wager actual money, I would wager that the number of active “protesters” will not exceed a generous estimate of 30. I’ve yet to see any event at Knox which would give me cause to believe otherwise. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. However it goes, I think the time would be better spent in actually trying to pose your questions to the man himself, whether or not he will answer them or respond in a satisfactory manner.

    If you are out there, I certainly hope you seem more like the first gentleman in that attached video, rather than the comical guy taking up the latter half–with his vague and incomplete knowledge of why he’s even there and his absurd half-grin about being in front of a camera; I kept expecting him, at any moment, to shout “San Dimas High School football rules!”

  3. Obscure

    My estimate was too generous. What’s more, he made you all look like a bunch of chumps. Good job.

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