Goodbye, Bank of America

So, the job of a bank is to hold my money until I want it, right? Well I just closed out my Bank of America checking account because every month they would find a new excuse to charge me $5-6. Then I would have to call them up (or go up to the bank) and bitch someone out until they gave me my money back.

The point of this post is not just to bitch about them, but also to point out that there is an entire Internet forum dedicated to how much Bank of America sucks that has about 5,000 threads (though I did not do enough poking around to see if any of it is spam). A Google search for the quoted phrase “Bank of America sucks” returns 522 results, while a search of “Bank of America blows” returns 568.

It just seems odd that this bank has gotten so large and so complicated that it cannot even function as an establishment that holds my money without stealing it. I guess that’s the way things go with big companies. I don’t take it personally. I’ll just pull down my pants and dream about the revolution …




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2 responses to “Goodbye, Bank of America

  1. J

    Just googled “bank of america sucks” and it shows 7,410 search results. Maybe word is getting around.

  2. My credit is not so good, so when I joined Charlotte Metro Credit Union they said I would have to pay $9.95 a month for a checking account with check holds and all kinds of other BS on it. That same month i received an advertisement flyer from said bank, and in HUGE letters on the front cover it said “Why would anyone pay for a checking account?? Come to CMCU for free checking!” Nice…Way to hussle me and then blatantly rub it in, jerks.

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