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Goodbye, Bank of America

So, the job of a bank is to hold my money until I want it, right? Well I just closed out my Bank of America checking account because every month they would find a new excuse to charge me $5-6. Then I would have to call them up (or go up to the bank) and bitch someone out until they gave me my money back.

The point of this post is not just to bitch about them, but also to point out that there is an entire Internet forum dedicated to how much Bank of America sucks that has about 5,000 threads (though I did not do enough poking around to see if any of it is spam). A Google search for the quoted phrase “Bank of America sucks” returns 522 results, while a search of “Bank of America blows” returns 568.

It just seems odd that this bank has gotten so large and so complicated that it cannot even function as an establishment that holds my money without stealing it. I guess that’s the way things go with big companies. I don’t take it personally. I’ll just pull down my pants and dream about the revolution …




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Booty Booty Booty Booty! Rock-Afire Explosion

I read an article in the Chicago Tribune in September that really got me interested in the animatronic band from Showbiz Pizza, The Rock-A-Fire Explosion. Apparently there is an underground trade of sorts of the different pieces of the band, and collectors will put up some fairly big bucks to get their collections closer to completion.

Even cooler than that, though, is that people are still programming shows for the washed-up band, the best by far being “Ms. New Booty” by Bubba Sparxxx.

However, Aaron Fechter, one of the original creators of the Rock-Afire Explosion (and voice of several of them) wants all videos of the characters run by him before being uploaded to video sharing sites. The Youtube video of Ms. New Booty has been made private. Fechter apparently wants to make sure the “family friendly” image of the band is maintained …

This video has gotten all around the Internet and has restarted interest in the RAE (as they call it in the Showbiz Pizza forums). Anyone who would care about these machines is older than 18 by now. Does Mr. Fechter really think kids now-a-days would seek out Rock-Afire Explosion videos?

Anyway, I say we need to free the Explosion. Make it all public. It can become a medium in it’s own (it already is).


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I’m back … so long it’s been

OK, so I have realized that I have neglected you, Cheeto Fingers. I used you while I was in Spain and thought I had a lot to say, but the second I get back to the states I drop you. That wasn’t fair, I see that now, and I’m sorry.

I mean, I did kind of find someone new …

Don’t freak out, you can both have me, I feel. It’s my Twitter, but you two can work together. I mean, Twitter is good for quick 160-character go, but sometimes a guy is looking for a little more than that, you know? Sometimes guys want to cuddle. Sometimes I want to be cuddled.

Anyway, let’s get caught up as quickly as possible so we can get to the good stuff …


So I started a wiki at Knox College at in April, and it has done pretty well for itself. As you can see, it is getting close to the 1,500 article mark. That’s not too shabby for a school of 1,351. Many of the pages are long and interesting, too.

The site is based on the MediaWiki application that the WikiMedia Foundation maintains (the same base application that Wikipedia uses).

There has not been as much action this year as there was the couple months after it started, which I suppose makes sense. Either way, I am going to have some kind of event next term to get people interested in it again. I may also incorporate it in the state of Missouri (since it’s way cheaper and I have an address there). But we’ll see how practical that becomes.

bella in a dress

OK, so my sister bought a boxer puppy and named her Bella. It was OK at first because the puppy was cute and had energy and all that. And my sister or mother would clean up the puddles in the house.

But then my sister dressed her up in a dress and took pictures of her. Ever since then, I think she just lost the will to live. She craps wherever she wants and … well I guess that’s the worst part. Anyway, she doesn’t have a uterus anymore, so there!

In other news, I am the editor of The Knox Student now, which is pretty neat. We are going to be online by the end of the year, which is a giant step for us. I am really excited about it.

Also, I did the sound design and wrote and played the music (with my band, The Danny Fisher-Bruns Carpentry Guild) for a play this fall called Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill. It was the best play I have ever worked on, I feel. People really walked out of the building upset and unsure of themselves. It was very powerful.

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