The Looney Tunes tour — a lost post

Upon remaking this blog, I stumbled on the below blog post that I had left unfinished and forgot about. Here it is, reconstructed as best I could.

So a lot has happened in the span of time between last post and this one. As you can see from my photo above, I went to Paris. I also went to Florence, Pisa, Gerona, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Brussels. Tomorrow I leave for a two week trip throughout Spain. Then I come back on the 19th.

Below is me in front of Notre Dame. The bells were really much more incredible than I could have imagined. They have all gone well out of tune from each other (I do not know if they were ever in tune, though) and, when they ring, they create this incredible atonal mess for minutes. Many tourists were making fun of how out of tune they were, which I found hilarious.

We, of course, checked out the Eiffel Tower as well. There were a lot of stairs.

At the top of the tower.

In the park of Montmartre with an excellent view of the city. We came back late at night. We were sitting on the stairs with a bunch of young locals and tourists when some American girl started screaming and yelling that this guy had grabbed her purse. I turned and he ran right past me and hopped over a fence into the closed park and got away. She started crying and it was pretty awkward.

I still don’t know why I didn’t do something to stop him.

Back in Barcelona, this is a hedge labyrinth in the “north” of the city. I put north in quotes because all maps of the city line it up in a way so that the ocean is on the south, but that is not exactly true. We just started saying north and south as it appeared on the maps, but it was not actually true. It’s interesting how easy you can buy into a system of navigation and orientation even though you know it is false.

Italy, near Florence. Roman ruins of a theater a spa and whatever I am walking around in. Florence was pretty awesome, I must say.

Florence from the Duomo.



The hostel in Florence was covered wall-to-wall with drawings, paintings and writings in tons of different languages. I wrote a Big Muddy Records thing on one wall. Here is Alexis writing “gullible” on the ceiling.

The 10 liter beer. Apparently it is a cultural drink in the city of Florence, or at least at the American student bar we went to. You drink it with a group of friends who each have a long piece of PVC pipe.

Around this point in the trip, the Cardinals had gotten to the World Series. It was interesting because I could not tell if I was getting more homesick, or if following the games had actually made me feel better. Several nights, friends and I would take a computer into the streets and walk around until we found a wireless signal that did not have a password. We would then sit down around the computer and stream the radio feed and listen. Games started around 2 a.m. I did not sleep much.

Around this time, as I was missing my sister so much, my mother sends me the link to a video. Here are some screen shots.



Below is a photo from a really strange Halloween party that David, our assistant guy threw at his place. If you have ever seen L’auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment), the place was that to the letter. Young people from all over lived there with little privacy, but a lot of fun.

I’ll leave this post with a photo of me looking awesome playing my guitar on the curb by my apartment.


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