One month later, the dust begins to settle

I have been in this city for a while now, and things are beginning to calm down for me. I have been staying in room more often lately, doing stuff on the computer or whatever people do when they stay inside instead of going out into the streets and exploring. I feel like it’s a phase. I guess it’s the closest thing to homesick I am going to get. I miss people at home and all that, but also really like it here.

I am not depressed or anything. It’s great. I think I am going to some crazy discothèque tonight, so that should be fun. The only problem with discos here is that nobody dances. It’s kind of like during puberty when it was totally embarrassing to be caught dancing. Instead, you are supposed to walk through the masses of people and not smile.

Lame. Most of the time it’s just really, really bad techno music, too. This video (which was not made by anyone I know) is a bad example of the music they play in these places. This must have been a pretty high class place.

We are also making plans to go to Brussels and Amsterdam, which should also be quite neat. I was planning on staying an extra term if I could get certain things figured out with Knox, but I am beginning to doubt that is going to happen. It’s not out of the question, but odds are I will be in Galesburg for cold, cold winter term.

God Bless This Town.

But Barcelona has not completely run out of surprises yet. Just the other week some friends and I were wondering around my neighborhood when we stumbled into this circus club/bar thing. It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen: You walk down this hallway with all those circus mirrors that make you look fat and upside down and things like that, then there is a giant devil clown statue thing, then they play a bunch of old American Music and have really old swings for bar stools. The walls were absolutely covered with creepy circus things. It was great.

Also, my backpack got stolen while I was at Barceloneta beach. There was nothing important in it, except for my copy of The Sandman in Spanish. Jerk.

I also went to Sitches, which is about 45 min south of Barçe by train. It’s kind of a high classish beach vacationy place, and it was nice. I also went to Lloret del Mar and Tossa del Mar, which are these vacationy beach places, but this was part of the program. It was a good time, but I am just not interested in these little tourist towns. I like cities. I did get a couple good photos while I was there, though.

Or, if you want one less contrasty:
There was also this random statue of Ginger Rogers. I think she made a movie here once.
Here’s my short film in her honor (scroll real fast to watch it)


I bought a guitar for €65 and am going to try to be a músico ambulante, or a street performer musician person. I need a hat, though, or people will not know that I want their money. And that is one funny thing about this city — they do not sell hats. I have searched at least 100 stores for a hat and have turned up nothing. I am thinking about cutting some holes in one of my socks so that it looks cool and torn up and putting my shoe out in front of me. I am trying to learn bad Spanish pop songs and play them kind of American country-ish because I only know songs in English, and those don’t get you a whole lot of money. If nothing else at least I will make myself laugh and then go home.

Classes are really easy and kind of dumb, except for Losada. This man teaches my art history class, but we really have not talked about art history at all yet. He’s in his 70’s and pretty much just sits in front of the class and makes up fabulous lies about himself for an hour and a half twice a week. It’s incredible. I think he was kind of a big deal critic in Europe earlier in his life, but he hasn’t really told us about that. He usually just talks about how he never gets sick because he takes 6 garlic supplements a day. Or how he was pronounced dead once, but some doctor thought that maybe he could still be brought back and saved his life, so Losada bought him a nice bottle of wine. He likes wine, he says, but he only drinks good wine, so he says, and never more than two glasses at a time. He claims he has only been drunk once in his life.


He also claims to own 10,000 CDs. And not only does he make up facts about his own life, but when we talk about art history, he makes that up, too. He taught us a lesson pinpointing the moment in history in which art was created, and for some reason I feel like he doesn’t actually know that. But that’s not important.

Oh, and Universitat de Barcelona is an incredible place.

Yeah, that’s my school. has the Daily Show and Colbert Report every day after it airs, so I have been trying to download and watch it every day. And it has been awesome. But that has nothing to with Spain, so I will leave it at that.

I have no idea if I am getting any better at this language. It doesn’t really feel like it, but oh well. I am not having any trouble getting around. And I had an interesting conversation with this Portuguese man who saw me walking down the street with my guitar and tried to get me to sell it to him for €20. I told him I didn’t want to and that I liked it, but he didn’t seem to process this idea. So he then proceeded to tell me about how awesome Portugal is for about 15 minutes as I stood there listening awkwardly.

Yeah, this city still has some surprises up its sleeve, I think.

Here’s Tony, Hana and I during La Mercé after we were almost swept out to sea on that rock bluff thingHere is yet another photo from London where Olivia and I look really freaking cool on the underground.


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  1. Tom's Mom

    Tomás, I love both photos of you by the beach. What a gorgeous coastline! Masterpiece of a short “film” with Ginger, too! Pleeeeeease have someone video tape you for at least one song in your new career as a street performer. Come on, Tomás! Pleeeeeease?

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