Leaving London

I’ll be leaving London at 14:30 to head to Barcelona, so let’s get a few more details about this city out there before I get distracted.
If you have ever seen Babe: Pig In the City, then you can picture what “the big city” looked like in that movie. It was kind of a mash-up of big cities from around the world. That’s kind of what I think London is like. There are so many times when you will just be walking along and see some kind of important-looking square and think, “Oh, this must be like London’s time square.” Then you realize there are a ton of them. I was blown away when I went to see the tower of London and Tower Bridge because A: Tower bridge is way taller than I thought it was going to be, and B: You can stand in one spot and see everything from a medieval castle to a wonder of a bridge to a very modern egg-like building (I think it was city hall) to a modern battleship. It’s this bizarre timeless feeling that London has had fairly consistently throughout this trip.
Also, the tube is great, but it closes at 00:30 or so. Keep that in mind. Trust me.
But even if you miss your last train, the bus system is pretty good, so you will make it home.
Yesterday, Olivia arrived in London on her way to India. She booked her room in the same hotel we did so we could hang out. She’s a trooper. She battled right through jet lag, though I think Strongbow may have helped with that.
London is very comfortable, which is the strangest part about the city. I have never once felt threatened or in proximity to danger at any time. I cannot even say that about my own St. Louis. The poverty in the city is just not even close to the way it is in American cities. There are poor people, but no bombed out north St. Louis-like poor people. I saw a fight, but they were just drunk. Nobody honks. I have heard maybe seven car horns the entire time I’ve been here. It’s so quiet.
And people here cannot dance. I realize, since being here, that Americans are really good at dancing. And music. The music here is awful. It’s almost like they are not interested in character or attitude when they make music. It’s very cold. And their dance music is really hard to dance to.
Buckingham Palace was really stupid. St. Paul’s cathedral was fairly sweet. There was a choir singing while we were there, so we got to hear the amazing acoustics.
It’s about time to check out, so I am going to hit it. Next time I write, I will be in Barcelona.




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2 responses to “Leaving London

  1. Tom's Mom

    Very cool, Tom! I was wondering, though, were you dancing?

  2. Charlie

    Tom’s a great dancer. Hey how is the European shirt working out?

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