God Save the Queen … I guess

Hi, all. I made this here e-mail list so I could send you all updates on what I’ve been doing while in Europe this term. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails, just let me know and we will stop being friends …
Anyway, I am in London right now, 01:15 on 4 September. I am laying on my bed at the moment, but i will have to hang my computer out the window of the hostel in order to send it, as the wireless internet i am stealing is just barely out of range.
We (my friends Tony and Hana came with me) flew into Heathrow airport this morning (the 3rd) at 07:00 or so. Then we stood in passport control for about an hour.
I packed light and it paid off as we had about an hour and a half ride on the tube with our luggage. But it wasn’t a very far walk from the station to the hostel. We talked them into letting us check in early so we could take a nap to get over the jet lag (six hours time change) then headed out to Soho, which is pretty close to the centre of the city, to check out the night life. Newcastle Brown Ale tastes a lot different here than it does from Shop ‘n Save.
Tomorrow we are going to wake up early and do the tourist thing, I guess.
I apologize for how boring this e-mail is, I will write again soon with more interesting details. I am tired.




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2 responses to “God Save the Queen … I guess

  1. Charlie


  2. a-laurie

    Were you pulling a suitcase through the airport and on the loop? How embarassing!

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